The final list of students for our classes-
1. Amit Mukherjee
2. Debabrata Auddya
3. Nairit Mondal
4. Priyanjit Biswas
5. Rijutosh Chakroborti
6. Rishav Mukhopadhyay
7. Saurabh Kr. Pal
8. Surit Nandy
9. Ojorshy Basak
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ANNOUNCEMENT-Venue and Timings

The permanent venue for the classes has been decided.
The classes shall be held in a house opposite to the Talukdar's Residence (where the introductory class was held). We have arranged the apartment for the next 2 months.

Also class timings have been decided upon.
Saturday: 10AM-12:30PM (before practicals start)
                 2 PM-4:30PM (after practicals start)
Sunday:    2PM-4:30PM

We are looking forward to the information about the number of students available to flag off the tutorial classes from this Saturday the 5th of June,2010.

In case of any query, please feel free to contact me.

Sudipto Sannigrahi (9434356219)
SAS Tutorials
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