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Enjoy MINDSPORTing !!

Few years back at IIT KGP, it so happened that 7 friends of electronics department were studying the same course. One of them was a first semester student, one a second semester student, one a third semester student, one a fourth semester student, one a fifth semester student, one a sixth semester student and one a seventh semester student. One night they discovered that there was an assignment submission next day. The assignment consisted of 57 questions and it was impossible for all of them to solve all the questions themselves in the given time. In EC department students were required to solve their assignments independently as they professors had devised ways to identify copied assignments. So, in all they were required to generate 57*7 solutions. As the time was limited they decided to solve the assignment once i.e. generate just one set of solution and then divide the solutions amongst themselves. One example distribution can be, 5-17-9-6-2-10-8 amongst the 7 friends.
Once the assignment was solved, they decided upon a certain distribution protocol. The eldest friend (one in the seventh semester) would divide the questions. For the distribution to be accepted he should have atleast 50% people (including himself) agreeing to the division. If less than 50% people agree then he will have to leave the place and the next eldest person (the sixth semester friend) will be called for distribution and now the person who has left (the seventh semester friend) will be out of the distribution and would not be given any solutions.

Now if the eldest one is to distribute then what is the distribution which would get accepted and the eldest friend gets the maximum number of solutions for himself? Explain your answer briefly.

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From now on, I am going to launch a series of interesting IQ based questions.The series is named as MINDSPORT- a challenge to the sportive mind. Students of SAS Tutorials are requested to regularly watch this space and answer the questions. You can also inform your friends about it. Anyone and everyone is invited to answer the questions. Over time we shall have a leader-board consisting of those who have answered the maximum number of questions correctly.
To answer the questions directly sign in and answer it under the 'comments' tab.
Enjoy playing MINDSPORT !!

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The final list of students for our classes-
1. Amit Mukherjee
2. Debabrata Auddya
3. Nairit Mondal
4. Priyanjit Biswas
5. Rijutosh Chakroborti
6. Rishav Mukhopadhyay
7. Saurabh Kr. Pal
8. Surit Nandy
9. Ojorshy Basak
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ANNOUNCEMENT-Venue and Timings

The permanent venue for the classes has been decided.
The classes shall be held in a house opposite to the Talukdar's Residence (where the introductory class was held). We have arranged the apartment for the next 2 months.

Also class timings have been decided upon.
Saturday: 10AM-12:30PM (before practicals start)
                 2 PM-4:30PM (after practicals start)
Sunday:    2PM-4:30PM

We are looking forward to the information about the number of students available to flag off the tutorial classes from this Saturday the 5th of June,2010.

In case of any query, please feel free to contact me.

Sudipto Sannigrahi (9434356219)
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A 2 month course to introduce the students of Class 10 about the topics of Class 11, keeping ICSE and competitive examinations like IIT, AIEEE  in mind, so as to bridge the gigantic gap existing between the course structures of Classes 10 and 11 in our existing education system.

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SAS   tutorials

A journey of thousand miles begins  with a single step you take with us...

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